Changing the Food System – Resources

Here are some reports and readings that may be useful to folks who are working to change the food system to a more equitable and environmentally sound system.

Pioneer Valley

The Pioneer Valley Food Security Plan (2012) – Pioneer Valley Planning Commission

Scaling Up Local Food – CISA

Feed Northampton (2010)

The Greenfield Food Study (2013)


Massachusetts Food Policy Council

Massachusetts Food Action Plan

Food Solutions Massachusetts

New England

Food Solutions New England – a Vision

American Farmland Trust – New England

New England Farmers Union

Farm to Plate: Strengthening Vermont’s Food System

Sedgewick Maine Declares Sovereignty (2011) – Food Freedom

National and Global

Chinatown in NYC– Valarie Imbruce

Food and Farming Transition (2009) – Post Carbon Institute

National Family Farm Coalition

Direct and Intermediated Marketing of Local Foods in the U.S.  – USDA-ERS

Food Sovereignty – National Family Farm Coalition

Feeding the World (2016) – Environmental Working Group

La Via Campesina on Food Sovereignty

Is Market Populism Enough or do we need to Change the Rules – Karl North

More Organizations

Pioneer Valley Grows

Community Involved in Sustainable Agriculture

Food First

Food Solutions New England

Food and Water Watch

USDA Economic Research Service

Post Carbon Institute

Grassroots International

Northeast Sustainable Ag Working Group

National Family Farm Coalition

Food as Commons

The Food Commons

The Food Commons 2.0

Food should be a Commons not a Commodity

Food as a Commodity,  a Human Right, or a Common Good

The Agrarian Trust


 Teaching Materials

Teaching the Food System – Johns Hopkins

Food for Thought and Action: A Food Sovereignty Curriculum – Grassroots International

We can do better (resources looking at the problem)

Food Prices Hurt Regenerative Farms

Parity and Farm Justice

Destructive Farming is the Issue

A Nation of Farmers – Sharon Astyk

Go Farm Young People and Heal the Country