The Dominant Model of Education at our Universities is Failing Us

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Much of university education is forcing students to memorize facts they could look up on their cell phones…..

John M. Gerber

Analysis and reductionism are designed to take things apart and explain how they work. While this is certainly useful it also results in de-contextualization. When applied to a whole national education systems it can result in a radically inefficient system of education, where what students learn has no real meaning and relevance for them so it does not stay with them but is shortly lost.

Systems thinking teaches us the power of context. When we put things into context suddenly there emerges both a purpose and relevance. In context it is related to other things that have meaning for us and forms part of networks of interrelationships that reflect how the neural networks in our brain work. 

Rather than obsessing over the details of how decontextualized things work, systems thinking as a foundation could turn modern educational systems in to something that is relevant for our lives and the challenges we face as individuals and societies in the 21st century.

Joss Colchester; Systems Innovator

The post-industrial world is requiring a new set of competencies from us as individuals and from our education system as a whole. This new paradigm hinges around holism, complexity, and the decentralization of education….. for more, see the video below.

One thought on “The Dominant Model of Education at our Universities is Failing Us

    CMNewell said:
    December 29, 2021 at 3:30 pm

    Interesting (and gratifying) that the video advocates multidimensionality over narrowly focused study, as the common complaint I hear is that college requirements for “gen ed” are a waste of time and money and prevent the student from spending time in more study of their major.


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